Trampoline & Safety

Teaser Safety
Trampolining is healthy! According to NASA, trampolining is 68% more effective than jogging when it comes to burning calories. It reduces stress, improves blood circulation and helps improve physical condition. Security plays an important role in this. BERG Toys helps you to make your purchase decision, because BERG is always the safest choice.

Why is a BERG trampoline the safest choice?

Safety engineering
A team of engineers is committed to optimum safety technology. This can be seen in the protective edge, the springs and the frame. With a BERG trampoline, you always have the guarantee that your equipment is equipped with the latest safety precautions.

EU standards and more
BERG Toys trampolines are tested by TÜV and AIB Vincotte. But BERG Toys offers more by working on a higher safety standardisation at European level. As a member of the "CEN" working group, BERG Toys makes its expertise available to the European Union. This working group deals with the development of a new standard for garden trampolines.

Own testing laboratory
Due to the strict requirements that BERG Toys sets for its trampolines, BERG Toys has set up its own testing laboratory in addition to the European testing authorities. The most extreme operating conditions are simulated with no less than 970 kg and various vibration and vibration tests. BERG also works with physiotherapists, examiners and sports federations in order to keep the knowledge level up to date and to test the products accordingly.

In addition to product safety, the user is ultimately also responsible for the safety of the trampoline. Through proper installation, maintenance and use, most safety risks of a trampoline can be eliminated. Each trampoline comes with a clear safety and assembly instruction. The scope of delivery of a BERG trampoline includes a DVD explaining the safe use of the trampoline step by step.

Secure Service
Parts are subject to natural wear and tear. BERG Toys guarantees that each part can be reordered up to five years after a product has been taken out of production. This service, which is unique in the trampoline segment, is your guarantee for years of fun.