InGround & FlatGround Trampoline ground Installation

Teaser Inground
Trampolines are being buried more and more often. This makes trampoline jumping safer and the bulky equipment less noticeable. BERG Toys was the first manufacturer to design InGround and FlatGround trampolines specifically for floor installation. The frame rests on special, low feet, which are solidly fixed to the ground with the provided floor anchors.


Since the jumping mat of the trampoline is only 25 cm above the ground, it is more easily accessible, but above all much safer. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents.


BERG Toys is constantly working with a large team of experienced designers on the renewal and improvement of BERG trampolines. Quality and safety are at the forefront. BERG Toys has permanent (independent) tests carried out in order to offer only the best products.

Installation of the InGround trampolin

The InGround trampoline is very easy to install. First find a suitable place for the trampoline. Afterwards, a pit must be dug. The frame is placed on the stable floor around the pit and secured with special anchors in the ground. On the inside of the frame there are springs to which the jumping mat of the trampoline is attached. Finally, the edge is covered with a firm, soft layer. Please make sure that there is enough space for trampolining, a good safety distance is two meters and more.

Pit dimensions for the BERG InGround and FlatGround trampoline

Click here for an overview of pit depths for InGround Trampolines and for FlatGround Trampolines.
  • Trampoline diameter: 430cm, B) Pit diameter: 390cm, A) Pit depth: 75cm
  • Trampoline diameter: 380cm, B) Pit diameter: 340cm, A) Pit depth: 75cm
  • Trampoline diameter: 330cm, B) Pit diameter: 290cm, A) Pit depth: 75cm
The diameter of the pit must always be 40 cm smaller than the diameter of the trampoline.

Procedure burying the trampoline

Dig a correspondingly large pit, according to the above-mentioned masses. Assemble the trampoline and place it over the pit. Make sure that there is at least 75 cm between the centre of the jumping sheet and the pit floor. Fasten the trampoline with the help of the anchoring set necessary for digging in so that the trampoline cannot start to "hike" on the lawn and gradually land in the pit. Ready!


  • Make sure that the InGround trampoline is placed on a level ground and is completely horizontal.
  • The pit for the InGround trampoline can be excavated in two ways. The amount of work depends on the diameter of the trampoline. Using a small excavator, excavating the pit takes about half an hour. Two persons with spade need - depending on the type of soil - about two hours.
  • Excavate the pit in the form of a bowl and make sure that the lowest point is 75 cm below the ground surface. The diameter of the pit must be 40 cm smaller than the diameter of the trampoline.
  • BERG Toys recommends that the trampoline should be provided with a free space of two metres around the trampoline and that it should be provided with a dampening surface to increase safety.
  • Make sure that the area underneath the trampoline remains free.
  • Lay weed fleece to prevent weeds from growing.
  • Depending on the nature of the soil, it may be necessary to include a seepage pipe or a drainage system. In case of heavy rainfall, water may accumulate in the trough.