Trampoline Assembly Service

Teaser Assembly Service
All BERG garden trampolines can be easily assembled by yourself. Detailed installation instructions and suitable tools such as a spring tensioning aid are included in the scope of delivery. You can even set up the trampoline on your own, but it is easier for two people to set up the trampoline. If you are setting up a trampoline for the first time, you will have to expect 1-2 hours of installation time; for the safety net, it will take another 1-2 hours.

Should you nevertheless wish to have your trampoline installed by a specialist after delivery, we offer you our assembly service for a fee.


  • Please order your trampoline with the option "Assembly service required" or "Assembly- & disposal service required".
  • Within three working days after receipt of your order, you will receive a phone call from our dispatching department to make an appointment for the installation of the new trampoline or, if necessary, for the disposal of the old one. Please give us a phone number in the order process, on which someone is surely reachable.

  • We charge the following tariffs resp. all-in prices, valid for the whole of Switzerland:
    Assembly Service S
    Only CHF 399.00 incl. VAT. (Favorit Trampoline)

    Assembly Service M
    Only CHF 449.00 incl. VAT. (Ultim Champion 330, Grand Champion 350 & 470, round Champion Trampoline)

    Assembly Service L
    Only CHF 499.00 incl. VAT. (Ultim Champion 410, Grand Champion 520, Grand Elite 520, round Elite Trampoline)

    Assembly Service XL
    Only CHF 599.00 incl. VAT. (Ultim Elite Trampoline)

    Environmentally friendly disposal
    Dismantling and disposal of your old trampoline only CHF 149.00 incl. VAT.

Scope of services
  • The delivery costs (CHF 69.00) are not included in the assembly price and will be charged or shown separately.
  • The property or installation site must be prepared by the customer and freely accessible.
  • The assembly includes the professional assembly according to assembly instructions.
  • The installation does not include any excavations on the ground or on site. The customer is responsible for a level surface.
  • For traffic-free locations, special delivery requirements and assembly rates apply, contact us for an individual offer.
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of the old trampoline is only possible in conjunction with our assembly service.
  • For disposal, the old trampoline must be dismantled or ready for removal.

Important to know
  • We only mount our trampolines on feets. If you wish to install an InGround or FlatGround trampoline, please contact the horticulture company in your region. This has the necessary construction machinery and know-how.
  • We do not install trampolines from other manufacturers or suppliers.
  • Please keep in mind that there may be waiting times for the spring and summer season. Thank you for your understanding.