Tips for safe use

Teaser Tips
Trampolining is no more dangerous than other recreational activities such as cycling, skateboarding or team sports. Everything depends on how it is exercised and whether certain basic rules are observed:

  • Before jumping, take off all hard and sharp objects such as watches, jewellery, piercing etc. before jumping.
  • Only jump barefoot or in gymnastic shoes. Shoes off, do not jump in street shoes!
  • Only one person at a time on the trampoline!
  • Jump in the middle. Practice Stop Jump!
  • Carefully and correctly assess your own skills! Only jump as high as you can control it!
  • Never intentionally jump into the safety net.
  • Never jump off the trampoline, only climb and descend on the ladder.
  • Do not jump from the trampoline to other objects or from other objects onto the trampoline.
  • Do not stand or sit on the protection edge.
  • Never crawl under the jumping blanket. This expands when jumping downwards.
  • Never jump in wet conditions!

Further information can be found on the homepage of bfu (advice centre for accident prevention) and also read the bfu information on leisure trampolines.